Our structure

Our growth is a result of an intense work to satisfy the high standard in the Food Industry, Animal Nutrition, Hygiene and Cleaning, Cosmetics, Agribusiness, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Civil Construction industries. Due to the special quality of our products and the continuous investment in process technology, especially in the acquisition of new equipment, ZARAPLAST has become a modern company, up-to-date and competitive; being able to overcome any challenge that might happen in the market. Our policy of high investment gives our company multiple capacities.

Our expertise is demonstrated in the following areas:

Laminated Structure Packaging

When it´s made, the mono and multiple layered extruders are equipped with an automatic thickness control system, and also with an automatic resin dosing machine. Flexographic (high-definition) and rotogravure printers (up to 10 colors) have state-of-the-art record control and monitored systems of color tones. The laminating of the substrates, carried out in the solvent and solvent-free versions, is performed in equipment of great quality, whether in conventional bi-laminate, tri-laminate or even in-line with printing. The finishing of the coils, made in high speed cutters, produces coils with accurate control over the tension and finish.

Auxiliary Graphic Technologies

Graphic preparation is provided by specialists using the most updated software. Zaraplast has its own machine for the flexographic and rotogravure HD printing, which has full control on the graphic quality. In th rotogravure printing, the cylinders preparation is done inside the company. Our enviable stock has cylinders for rotogravure, material for flexography and many other machines for the coloring test which ensure the graphic accuracy and the quality of the art demands. In addition, digital printer tests, taken on the final substrates, drive agility in the graphic development processes.
Paints, varnishes and printing primers are mostly produced in our own factories, where the control of the formulas and the personalized service to the specific demands are made. Our laboratories have the expert personnel for the specific development of these production inputs, making feasible Zaraplast differentials.

Polyethylene Packaging for Consumer Goods

When it´s made, extruders are equipped with an automatic thickness control system, and also with an automatic resin dosing machine, in mono and multilayer, including structures of median and high barrier. Flexography are the printers that are most used for this market, highlighting the versions. However, certain markets are served with the rotogravure on polyethylene substrates with very thin thickness. In both techniques, it uses the most modern color-tonal recording control and monitoring systems. Featuring in this market we offer preformed packaging in a large variety of models.

Preformed packaging

For the consumer goods market, we offer the models of wicket bags for diapers, pad, and food produced in polyethylene. Also the 3-side seal pouches for the protein market in high-barrier films, 4-side seal laminated sacks for the pet food market, bales and bags in general, in addition the stand-up pouch (SUP). SUP is specially designed in laminated structure and is used in the markets with relevant technical complexity such as retortables, hot fill and others. Besides these ones, Easter egg wrapping cutting machines etc., is part of our packaging portfolio.

Raffia industrial packaging

For the raffia products, usually made out of woven Polypropylene, Zaraplast has the most modern extruders for the raffia treads. The velocity and quality shows the state-of-the-art production technology. Weaving is comprised of hundreds of looms, capable of meeting weight specifications ranging from super-light to the heaviest on the market, covering a wide range of applications. Extrusion laminators not only provide coating production on raffia fabric, but also allow the production of various laminated structures with other substrates such as BOPP, aluminum and others.
Flexographic printers allow prints on both sides of the material. However, the synergy between Zaraplast’s factories allows photographic quality prints to be obtained in some raffia structures, such as rotogravure and HD flexo of other industrial units. Although one of the forms of commercialization of raffia is fabric reels, its main focus is on the sacks and big bags. For this, Zaraplast has a wide range of equipment such as nozzles, cutting / sewing machines, seam bag valves and modern Convertex valves for the production of sealed (seamless) valve raffia bags or sacks.
In partnership with machine manufacturers, we have also developed special machines such as automatic liner inserts for when a PE bag is required inside the raffia bag. In the production of Big Bags, our modern manufacturing units, which also have a clean room, are equipped with high-performance sewing machines, cutters, stamping machines, etc., able to meet the increasing demand for this type of product.


We have several laboratories equipped to meet the quality of the products in the production lines and the development and innovation of these products. It allows numerous physical, chemical and mechanical tests. As an example, we see dynamometers for different load ranges, automatic thickness gauges, COF (friction coefficient) measuring devices, dart impact meters, chromatographs, hot tack welding tests, color cabins, FTIR spectrophotometers , OTR and WVTR permeability meters, opacimeters, brightometers, colorimeters, polarized light microscopes, shrinkage meters, autoclaves and many others. The specific tests are complemented with several other external laboratories of excellence, organized by agreements and partnerships.

Industrial Packaging in Polyethylene

For the production of polyethylene packaging for the industrial market, high capacity extruders and film quality produce a large volume of mono and multilayer films. Printing is provided in flexographic printers in up to 8 colors. Modern packaging systems demand films on FFS (form-fill-seal) coils, whether in tubular or open form. For this, special coil machines that fold and give texture or sometimes even perforate the tubular films are present in the productive process. In addition, numerous cutting, sealing and valve machines act to meet the demand of preformed open mouth bags or valve bags.

Management technology

In addition to the systematic standards established by the Quality Systems as ISO9001, the control of industrial processes is also performed by an online management system, interconnected to each production equipment, which allows the managers of the manufacturing units to instantly know the performance of all equipment. It enables rapid decision making and accurate monitoring of the KPIs involved.
To control business processes as a whole, Zaraplast relies on ERP, which defines the internal and external flow of different areas, providing greater reliability, accuracy and transparency to the business dynamics, as well as providing data for the correct preparation of future plans.